12 *Best* Makeup Trends to Try for Special Occasions

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Updated on May 30, 2024

As we 2024, the makeup industry continues to evolve, bringing forward trends that cater to every aesthetic, from the bold and dramatic to the subtle and natural. Special occasions extra effort in our makeup routines, allowing us to experiment with new looks and embrace the latest trends. Here, we delve into the most captivating makeup trends for 2024, perfect for any special occasion.

Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin Makeup 2024
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The quest for radiant, glowing skin remains at the forefront of makeup trends in 2024. Achieving a dewy, luminous complexion is all about layering the right products. Start with a hydrating primer, followed by a lightweight foundation that offers a natural finish. Highlighters play a crucial role in this look, with liquid formulas being particularly popular for their ability to blend seamlessly into the skin, providing a natural, lit-from-within glow

Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic Eyeliner Makeup 2024
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Graphic eyeliner looks have taken the beauty world by storm, transforming the simple act of applying eyeliner into an art form. From elegant double wings to multi-colored and framed looks, graphic eyeliner allows for personal expression through bold, creative designs. This trend is perfect for those looking to make a statement at any special event.

Cherry Cola Lips

Among the standout lipstick trends for 2024, cherry cola lips have emerged as a favorite. This trend, which continues the food-inspired makeup movement, combines deep, rich reds with a hint of brown to create a warm, inviting look. It’s an excellent choice for adding sophistication and depth to your makeup for any special occasion.

Bold Eyes

Bold Eyes is making a major comeback in 2024. Think vibrant eyeshadows in shades of electric blue, emerald green, and deep purples. Graphic eyeliner designs are also trending, with colorful and creative shapes that make your eyes pop. To achieve these looks, you’ll need highly pigmented palettes, precision eyeliners, and volumizing mascaras. Experiment with different techniques, from cut creases to winged liners, to find what suits your style best.

Soft Glam

Soft Glam Makeup 2024
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Soft glam makeup, characterized by its understated elegance, focuses on enhancing one’s natural beauty rather than transforming it. This trend involves using neutral eyeshadows, feathered brows, and soft blush to create a polished, refined look that’s perfect for weddings, proms, or any formal event. The key is to choose products that offer a subtle shimmer and blend them well for a seamless finish.

Statement Lips

Statement lips are all about making a bold impact with your lip color. Popular shades for 2024 include deep reds, bold purples, and vibrant oranges. When your lips are the focal point, it’s essential to use long-lasting formulas to ensure your look stays flawless throughout the event. Pair these bold lipsticks with matching lip liners to enhance the shape and longevity of your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with matte, satin, or glossy finishes to find your perfect match.

Doll Blush

The doll blush trend, inspired by the rosy cheeks of porcelain dolls, brings a youthful and fresh vibe to any makeup look. This trend involves applying a generous amount of pink blush on the apples of the cheeks, creating a vibrant, healthy flush. It’s a playful addition to your makeup routine, ideal for adding a touch of whimsy to your special occasion look.

Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic makeup involves using a single color family across your eyes, cheeks, and lips for a unified and sophisticated look. Choose shades that complement your skin tone, and use them in varying intensities to add depth and dimension. This trend is perfect for those who love a coordinated and polished appearance. Products like multi-use sticks and palettes can help you achieve this seamless look effortlessly.

Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow has made a significant comeback, with shades ranging from pastel to electric blue. This trend, which draws inspiration from various decades, allows for creative expression through color. Whether you opt for a subtle wash of color or a bold, glittery look, blue eyeshadow can add a fun, retro touch to your makeup.

Glamorous Glitter

Glamorous glitter is making a dazzling return in 2024. Glitter eyeshadows, highlighters, and even lip products can add sparkle to your makeup for a show-stopping effect. The key to using glitter is to apply it strategically without overdoing it. Use glitter primers to ensure it stays in place and doesn’t flake throughout the event. Whether you opt for a subtle shimmer or full-on glitter glam, this trend is perfect for nights when you want to shine.

Ethereal Pastels

For a softer, more dreamy appearance, ethereal pastels are a must-try. Soft shades like lavender, baby blue, and pale pink create a whimsical look that’s perfect for spring and summer occasions. Blending these pastel eyeshadows seamlessly can create a cohesive and delicate makeup look. Use light blushes and highlighters to complement the pastel theme and add a touch of sparkle for an ethereal finish.

Timeless Classics with a Modern Twist

Timeless classics like smokey eyes and red lips are being redefined with modern techniques and products. The 2024 versions of these looks incorporate new textures, finishes, and application methods. Think metallic smokey eyes and ombré red lips. These updated classics are inspired by celebrity makeup looks, and you can easily recreate them with the right products and techniques. Follow tutorials and adapt the looks to suit your unique style.

Wrapping Up

The makeup trends for 2024 offer a diverse palette of options to explore for any special occasion. Whether you’re drawn to the natural radiance of glowing skin, the artistic flair of graphic eyeliner, the warmth of cherry cola lips, the refined elegance of soft glam, the playful vibrancy of doll blush, or the retro charm of blue eyeshadow, there’s something for everyone. Embrace these trends to create memorable looks that reflect your style and make any event even more special.

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