A Complete Guide To Different Types Of Nail Polish

A Complete Guide To Different Types Of Nail Polish
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Nail color is a necessary accessory that lifts our overall look. And the way of getting beautiful nail colors is by using nail polish to add shimmer and glamour to plain looks.

Whether they are neutral or a glittery color, the color of your nails says a lot about your style and mood. And for us beauty addicts, there are different types of nail polish in various formulas to fit any taste in the market.

But, keeping track of the wide range and the words that go with it can be hard, though. Whether you are going to the salon or doing your manicure at home, you’ll notice different types of nail polish to pick from.

Besides the standard formula you’ve known since you were a kid, there are six different varieties of nail polish. Some, such as gel polish, may be familiar to you, while others, such as shellac, may be completely unfamiliar. So, consider this article as a guide to the types of nail polish in the market.

Basic Nail Polish

Basic Nail Polish

Let’s go right to the point. The first type of nail polish we will talk about is basic. You’ve been using your basic nail polish since before you started wearing makeup. It comes in many finishes, including natural, matte, and holographic.

This style of nail polish is not meant to last long. Within a week -or less – it will start chipping. This nail polish type is easy and fast to apply. You do not need any manicurist/pedicurist to apply this nail polish. There is no side effect to using this nail polish. It might even prevent the nails from breaking, so you can wear it as often as possible.

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Acrylic Nail Polish

Acrylic Nail Polish

This is another common nail polish type. Acrylic nail polish contains both liquid and powder mixture. You can apply it to your natural nails. The more acrylic nail polish dries, the more it hardens and is shaped to your preferred form.

You can also use it to make your natural nail longer. Acrylics also have a two-week lifespan. When exposed to air, the mixture solidifies. Hence, forming a transparent canvas for basic nail polish.

It takes a while to apply acrylic nail polish. Although there are people who can apply this themselves, we recommend that you go to a salon for this. The side effect of using this nail polish is that your nails might look a little weaker.

The nail technician has to file down your nails before applying the nail polish. They do this so that it will have more grip. But, ensure that you do not over-file your nails. Besides, you need to keep the nail beds hydrated using cuticle oils.

Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish is another popular type of nail polish. It is known as “hard gel,” and you will need the help of a nail technician to apply this nail polish. But, if you have perfected the art of gel polish application, you can do it yourself.

To set gel nail polish, you need to use it in conjunction with a UV light. It should last for up to two weeks. You can use gel nail polish to make your nails look longer. Besides, you can apply it to both natural and artificial nails.

You will need a visit with your nail technician before removing gel nail polish. Some salons do not do this, so you should check before visiting the salon.

The side effect of using this nail polish is that the nails become weak post-removal. Some can even start peeling. But, once you hydrate them with cuticle oils, they will go back to being healthy in no time.

Dip-powder Nail Polish

Another nail polish type with a long-lasting feature is dip powder nail polish. Its lifespan ranges from three to four weeks; hence it has become a popular nail polish option. You can apply this nail polish with less expertise and precision than other types.

To apply dip powder polish, you need to use a base coat first, followed by a coating of colored powder. Continue this process until you have an opaque manicure. Remember to remove excess powder as you continue the process. You can now add a layer of clear powder and a sealer to finish it off.

Breathable Nail Polish

Breathable Nail Polish

Looking for a nail polish type that is best for your nails? Look no further; breathable nail polish is for you, instead of acting as a buffer between your nails and the elements.

Breathable nail polish enables oxygen and water to flow through the paint to your nails. Because it is water-permeable, it will allow your nails to breathe. This is crucial if you can’t do without a properly painted mani. It lasts for a week, like basic nail polish.

Polygel Nail Polish

PolyGel is a nail polish that blends both acrylic and gel. This polish is basically for achieving a faultless manicure. The consistency is gel-like, and you can apply it with an acrylic brush to your natural nails.

Then shape and dry it with an LED or UV light to your taste. PolyGel nail polish is another long-lasting alternative available. With adequate care, it could last up to 21 days.

Shellac Nail Polish

Shellac Nail Polish

Shellac nail polish is also a blend of both gel and acrylic formulations. You coat it on your natural nails and then expose them to UV light to dry. You can use shellac nail polish to make your nails longer. This type of nail polish lasts for two weeks on average.

Shellac is the brand name of CND, the business that was the first to produce and register this variety of nail polish. It is softer than gel, and you can remove it with acetone. It does not have a side effect, but the nails might peel and break if you do not use a proper removal method.

Final Word

So, here is a complete guide to different types of nail polish. We hope you will be able to differentiate between the types of nail polish when you next go for a manicure.

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