Epilator vs Waxing vs Shaving – Which Is Best? [Ultimate Comparison]

Epilator vs Waxing vs Shaving

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Updated on May 20, 2024

There are different ways of removing hairs from your body. Sometimes it becomes difficult for users to make a choice. The three different methods are epilator, waxing, and shaving.

In the article, you would learn more about these three methods and know their features and characteristics.

Shaving, Waxing And Epilating

Perhaps that can assist you in answering the question of which of the three is the best. Keep reading to find out more about these three hair removal methods.

First Option: Shaving


Shaving is perhaps the oldest method of removing hair from the skin. The system does not remove hair from the root. It is a question of taking the razor to the skin and then glide it against the skin direction.

In the process, grown hair is removed from the body. Though such hair is gone the smoothness effect does not last for a long time. Within the shortest time with three days, you notice that the hair would continue to grow.

This is one of the drawbacks of this method. Hair removal is not as efficient as other methods. Your hair would come back with a few days.

The method is quick, which you should expect since it does not get to the root of the hair. If you want to use this option as a form of hair removal, then it means that you would be removing the hairs more often compared to when you are using other methods of hair removal.

Second Option: Waxing


Waxing is another method of hair removal. This process involves the application of wax to the skin and it has to be in the direction of hair growth. When the waxing is done in the direction of hair growth it becomes easier for the hair to be removed.

This is deeper than an epilating method because it can have an exfoliation effect on your skin. This means that apart from removing your hairs, it also does away with your dead skin tissues.

One great benefit of this is that it will last longer and with time, the rate of hair growth would be less and it would become less dense as well.

However, there are different waxing methods when it comes to this system and you have to choose from any of the methods. Because of that complication, you have to choose between the various options available in that industry. You can apply the wax with the stick and remove them with the stick as well.

One thing great about the system is that it is quick to use. However, because it is meant for skin removal from the body, the effect is not going to belong. It may not be as effective as an epilating method but is better than shaving.

If you want to rely on this method for your hair removal, this method will be more regular, which means that you have to apply it very often if you want to rely on this for your hair removal.

Third Option: Epilating

Using An Epilator

This method involves the use of an epilator. This device is small and it is handheld and it comes with many sets of tweezers. It uses a roller that helps the tweezers grab your hair when it rotates.

It works better than others because it can now remove the hair right from its roots. It can remove hairs faster because of the multiple numbers of tweezers that it uses.

Because of the number of tweezers that it uses, it will ensure faster hair removal compared to other methods that you can think of. There are different kinds of epilators in the market.

These are designed for hair removal in different parts of the body. Some are designed for facial hair removal. Others are meant for hair removal from other parts of the body and so on.

The product is easier to use compared to other methods out there. You can use it wet and you can use it dry; it depends on the choice you want to make.

This usually comes with several attachments and this determines what you can do with such an epilator. Epilator is more versatile and more efficient when it comes to hair removal compared with similar products out there.

Different Types Of Hair Removal Methods Compared

Which Method Lasts Longer?

If you aim to look for this kind of product to look for a product that can last longer than others, then you have to think in the direction of the epilator. It can last longer and it can last for up to three to six weeks.

It lasts for such a long period because the epilator removes the hair right from the root. It takes time for the hair to grow and when it does, it is not going to be that dense.

The wax method also lasts longer depending on the type of application you make. If the effect is limited to the skin, and because of that, it may not get deep to the root.

Some of the wax systems can last for three to six weeks, but most do not last for that period. It is second to the epilator method when it comes to lasting.

The least amongst the three is shaving. The shaving method only removes hairs from the skin surface. The smooth effect can be there for just a few days which is three to seven days.

Which Method Is Cheaper?

When it comes to cost, it appears that the epilator method is the cheapest option amongst them because initially, the cost can be higher, but as you continue to use it, the cost would continue to go down. The initial purchase cost is what you bear. Since you would be using it less frequently, you are going to save in the long run.

The second in terms of cost-effectiveness is the wax method. The cost tends to less initially, but as you continue to use it, the cost has to build with time. It can be expensive over time but it is not going to be the most expensive over time.

The most expensive of those three is the shaving method. It may appear to be cheaper initially, but as you continue to use it, you discover that the cost would continue to mount.

Over time you discover that the most expensive is the shaving method and this is followed by the wax method while the most cost-effective of the three is the epilator method. If you are motivated by the issue of cost, this guide will assist you in making a choice.

Which Method Is Less Painful?

When it comes to pain, it appears that the most painful of the three products is the epilator method. It is very painful because it is going to remove the hair right from the root. Since it is pulling hair, you are going to feel the pain.

However, as you are becoming used to the system, the pain and the discomfort would continue to decrease. The pain can reduce if you use it during the shower.

The second when it comes to the issue of pain is the wax method. As you continue to use it, you notice that pain would be going down.
The least in terms of pain is the shaving method. Ordinarily, this method is not in any way associated with pain.

The way you can complain of pain is when you cut yourself when you use it. If you know how to use it, it would be difficult for you to harm yourself.

When it comes to pain, it should not be a problem in using this device because even the most painful of them the pain associated with it cannot last for a long time.

Which Method Is Easiest To Do At home?

The most outstanding amongst the three is the epilating method when it comes to the convenience of use. It is portable and you can travel with it. Moreover, you can use it in the home and it is the fastest among the three.

It is very fast in hair removal and it does not take up to a minute to remove the hair. Even if it is located in the most difficult part of the body such as the pubic area, you will remove them without difficulties.

The second you can easily use in the home which is more convenient to use at home is the shaving method. If you use a razor you can shave within the shortest possible time.

However, it is not faster than the waxing method. It is better to use the shaving method at home because you can plug it into electricity or you can use the shaver in your hand. Moreover, if you want to travel, you can travel with it as it is more portable.

The least when it comes to the convenience of use is the wax method. Since this involves an application, it may not be the best if you want to travel. Since you can use it at home, it can be faster, but then it will not be the best in terms of convenience.

What Are The Side Effects?

When you are making a choice one of the key features that can guide you is the side effects. The question you have to ask yourself is, what are the side effects? Starting with epilating, there is no negative side effect with this method.

The only thing is that when you use the method for the first time, you can notice red spots in different parts of the place the hair removal took place. With time that would appear. Within a short time, you cannot see those signs again as they would disappear completely.

The issue of pain is already addressed. The pain would be there momentarily and when you are used to it, the pain would no longer be noticed. Some of the side effects can be addressed if you exfoliate before you epilate your hair. This can do away with the pain and so on.

If you try waxing, you can get the same kind of side effects you get in epilating. One of them is the problem of ingrown hair. The problem can also be dealt with and the best way to deal with that problem is to exfoliate your hair before waxing it. If you do that it would deal with the problem of ingrown hair.

When it comes to waxing, bleeding and sore can develop in the area if you repeat the process very often. Apart from that, there is no other side effect associated with it and you can have a better result at the end of the day.

Shaving is the least when it comes to side effects unless you are not very careful when you use the method. If you use the razor the wrong way, chances are there that it is going to cut your skin.

Furthermore, depending on the body type, there could be other such effects as burns in some parts of the body like the bikini line and it can also cause bumps and irritation in the parts of the body.

You can also reduce the side effects if you shave when your body is wet. Furthermore, if you try exfoliating before you shave, some of the side effects can be removed.


It is now easier to choose between the three hair removal methods: epilating, waxing, and shaving. It is obvious from the information above that the best of all the methods reviewed so far is the epilating method.

The method is quick and it is indeed the quickest of all the methods. Furthermore, it is more efficient because, at the end of the day, you will achieve a better result.

Most importantly, the effects can be there for a longer time. It can last for more than one month. Furthermore, it is compact and easy to travel with. It is simply the best and the wax and the shaving method follow it.

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