Our 10 Best Conditioners For Color Treated Hair Of 2024

Best Conditioner For Color Treated Hair

Color-treated hair requires special care to maintain its vibrant, shiny, and beautiful color. The last thing you want is for your colored hair to fade and dry after a few washes. Using a color-safe conditioner is the secret to keeping your dyed hair fresh and maintaining its vibrant color as long as possible. These conditioners for colored hair have special condition agents that coat your hair surface to prevent dye molecules from disappearing down the drain.

The conditioners for colored hair have extra softening ingredients to help protect and nourish your strands. This makes your strands feel soft and smoother. Most of these conditioners also have UV protectant ingredients to shield from color fade. Here is a list of the best conditioner for color-treated hair:

Editor’s Choices

ProductsRatingCheck Price
Best Certified Organic: Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Conditioner9.6Price on Amazon
Best While Protecting: Redken Color Extend Conditioner9.4Price on Amazon
Best Argan Oil: Maple Holistics Natural Hair Conditioner 8.8Price on Amazon
Best Paraben Free: BIOLAGE Colorlast Conditioner9.4Price on Amazon
Best Prevents Fading: MATRIX Total Results Color Conditioner9.4Price on Amazon
Best Lightweight: Nioxin Scalp Therapy Conditioner9.4Price on Amazon
Best Healthy Looking: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Color Conditioning Treatment8.8Price on Amazon
Best Sulfate Free: ColorProof SuperRich Moisture Conditioner9.2Price on Amazon
Best Non Greasy Formula: Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 miracle worker9.2Price on Amazon
Best Restores Luster: Thermafuse Color Care Conditioner8.4Price on Amazon

10 Best Conditioners For Color Treated Hair Of 2024

1. Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Conditioner (Best Certified Organic)

Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Conditioner

This is a hydrating conditioner that provides maximum hair color protection and is designed to enhance color radiance. It hydrates, moisturizes, and conditions dry and damaged colored hair without weighing the hair down.

This lightweight conditioner is formulated with jojoba oil, and green tea extract to deeply hydrate and revitalize dry hair and enhance color radiance. It also contains a multi-weight of wheat, soy, and oat which helps to strengthen, rebuild, and repair hair.

Key Features:

  • Restores suppleness of hair and maximizes color retention
  • Moisturizes conditions, ad nourishes hair
  • Hydrates and revitalizes dry hair and enhance color radiance
  • Eases detangling
  • Lightweight conditioner

2. Redken Color Extend Conditioner (Best While Protecting)

Redken Color Extend Conditioner

This is a professional hair conditioner for color-treated hair. It protects against hair color fading and makes the hair color last longer. This conditioner moisturizes, adds shine, and protects your hair color from disappearing. It nourishes your hair and locks in the hair color.

This maintains vibrant and radiant hair with a high shine finish. The formula is enriched with cranberry oil to maximize color vibrancy and ceramides to strengthen the hair. The formula is full of hair protectants agents to shield, stabilize and secure color intensity.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all hair colors
  • Detangles and protects hair against color fading
  • It has a fade resist complex to protect color and its retention
  • Adds shine and enhances hair color vibrancy
  • Has UVA and UVB filters to provide anti-fade protection

3. Maple Holistics Natural Hair Conditioner Keratin Treatment (Best Argan Oil)

Natural Hair Conditioner Keratin Treatment

This is a natural hair conditioner for damaged hair and color-treated hair. This conditioner helps to lock in moisture and transforms your hair into a gorgeous, lustrous look. It is formulated with shea butter and jojoba oil which offer intensive moisture to color-treated hair.

It also has argan oil rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids which provides silky smooth looks to colored hair. Thus, your hair retains its vibrant color with a gorgeous shine. The formula is free of sulfates and paraben which makes it color safe.

Key Features:

  • Moisturizes strengthens and adds shine to color-treated hair
  • Enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter for deep hydration
  • Controls frizz
  • Prevents colored hair from fading

4. BIOLAGE Colorlast Conditioner (Best Paraben Free)

BIOLAGE Colorlast Conditioner

For vivid color-treated hair, use BIOLAGE Colorlast Conditioner. The formula is inspired by nature’s fade defying orchid that helps maintain the color depth, tone, and shine of your dyed hair. This formula conditions deeply to moisturize and prolong hair color and vibrancy.

This conditioner balances moisture and evens that hair surface for a saturated, shiny, vibrant color that stays vivid. It leaves your hair soft and detangled with an extra shine and depth of color. Your hair color can last for up to nine weeks without fading.

Key Features:

  • Prolongs hair color and vibrancy
  • Leaves hair soft, detangled with an extra shine
  • Helps to maintain color depth tone and shine
  • Extends the life of your hair color for up to 9 weeks

5. MATRIX Total Results Color Obsessed Antioxidant Conditioner (Best Prevents Fading)

MATRIX Total Results Color Obsessed Antioxidant Conditioner

This is the best conditioner for colored hair. It protects against fading and extends the life of color vibrancy. Colored hair is renewed and preserved with moisture to help strengthen the porous and damaged hair. The formula conditions hair and protects it against fading. It refreshes the root lift and extends the life of the color vibrancy.

It also volumizes your hair without weighing it down and gives it a brilliant shine. This formula is rich in antioxidants to protect your hair against environmental aggressors. This keeps your color vibrant, provides fade protection, and provides color protection for up to 32 washes.

Key Features:

  • Protects colored hair from fading
  • Extends the life of color vibrancy up to 32 washes
  • Volumize hair without weighing it down
  • Adds shine to hair

6. Nioxin Scalp Therapy Conditioner (Best Lightweight)

Nioxin Scalp Therapy Conditioner

Nioxin Scalp Therapy Conditioner is a conditioner for colored hair. It moisturizes the hair and scalp to achieve thicker and fuller-looking hair. This formula is lightweight and retains hair moisture balance, and provides hair resilience that prevents breakage.

This conditioner is designed to strengthen hair and amplifies the hair structure for moisture retention. This gives your hair a lustrous shine and maintains its color vibrancy.

Key Features:

  • Strengthens and moisturizes hair
  • Lightweight conditioner for colored hair with progressive thinning
  • Retains hair moisture balance
  • Protect hair color from fading

7. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Color Conditioning Treatment (Best Healthy Looking)

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Color Conditioning Treatment

This color conditioning treatment protects your hair with deep conditioning and keeps the color bright and shiny. This is a weekly color conditioning treatment that keeps your hair color vibrant all the time. It makes color-treated hair ten times stronger against damage.

Use it once a week and only apply it to clean wet hair. Wait for three minutes and rinse it out. This leaves shiny hair with a bright and vibrant color. This conditioning treatment leaves your hair smelling like a vibrant blend of grapefruit, orange, and lemon citruses.

Key Features:

  • Keeps colored hair vibrant and shiny all the time
  • Protects colored hair in 3 minutes
  • Safe to use weekly on color-treated hair
  • Protects colored hair against damage

8. ColorProof SuperRich Moisture Conditioner (Best Sulfate Free)

ColorProof SuperRich Moisture Conditioner

Infuse dry and color-treated hair with long-lasting hydration and strength with Color Proof Superrich Moisture Conditioner. This moisturizing conditioner is weightless and leaves your hair lustrous while protecting its color.

The conditioner moisturizes and repairs your hair while infusing superior shine and a touchable soft smooth texture. Its formula features a blend of botanical infusions and an advanced color-last system to provide powerful UVA/UVB color and heat protection.

Key Features:

  • A hydrating formula that does not weigh hair down
  • Designed for color-treated hair
  • Protect hair color from heat and UVA
  • Strengthen and infuses superior shine to hair

9. Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 miracle worker (Best Non Greasy Formula)

Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 miracle worker

This is a non-greasy conditioner formula for color-treated and damaged hair. It repairs chemically damaged hair and helps to protect hair color from fading. It protects your hair from heat sources like dryers thus preventing colored hair from fading.

It moisturizes hair deeply to help it retain its vibrant color even after a few washes. It detangles hair, increases its volume, and adds a lustrous shine.

Key Features:

  • Non-greasy conditioner
  • Repairs chemically damaged hair
  • Detangles hair and increases its volume
  • Protect hair from heat damage
  • Prevents fading on colored hair

10. Thermafuse Color Care Conditioner For Colored Hair (Best Restores Luster)

Thermafuse Color Care Conditioner For Colored Hair

This is a hair conditioner that is specifically designed to seal the cuticle and keep the color in the hair shaft. Each formula of this conditioner infuses a powerful dose of color defense to seal in hair color and prolong the vibrant color of the hair.

The natural botanicals in this formula help to restore and shine to your hair. It detangles your hair and offers UV and environmental protection, which are the major contributors to color loss.

Key Features:

  • Seal in hair color
  • Offers UV and environmental protection, which are the core factors in color fading
  • Restores luster and shine to your hair
  • Detangles hair

How To Pick The Right Conditioner For Color Treated Hair?


The ingredients used in a conditioner can benefit or alter your color-treated hair. A good conditioner will help to restore essential oils lost during shampooing. Therefore, look for a conditioner with nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil.

They offer deep hydration and prevent your hair from becoming dry. Also, look for a conditioner that uses ingredients that are color-safe to protect your colored hair from fading.

Go for a chemical-free conditioner

Avoid conditioners with chemicals like sulfates and parabens. They make your hair color fade quicker than usual.

Sun Protection

Sun and UV rays are common factors that fade the color of your hair quickly. Thus, it would help if you had a conditioner that offers UV protection. Heat damaged colored hair quickly, and with a conditioner that offers UV protection, your colored hair can maintain its vivid color for long.

Hair Type

Knowing your hair type will help you select a conditioner that suits the need of your hair. This is because not all conditioners are created the same. Some are designed for dry and damaged hair, others for fine hair and some curly hair. Read the product label to know what hair type the conditioner is designed for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a regular conditioner on color-treated hair?

No. colored hair is likely to get dry and brittle when you use a regular conditioner. Always use conditioners that are specifically formulated for color-treated hair. They will help to prevent the color from fading and your hair from becoming dry.

Does color treat your hair damage it?

Coloring your hair will not damage it if you use the correct hair care products. Thus, your hair will not become dry and break.

What conditioner is best for colored hair?

A conditioner that offers deep moisturization to restore your hair’s moisture.


Color-treated hair is beautiful and adds a statement to your style. However, it requires special treatment to enhance the vibrancy of the color and make it last longer. By using the best conditioners for color-treated hair, your hair will not fade in a few washes, and it will retain its vivid color.

From the list above, our top pick is BIOLAGE Colorlast Conditioner. This formula helps to maintain the color depth, tone, and shine of your dyed hair. It extends the life of your hair color for up to 9 weeks and Leaves hair soft, detangled with an extra glow.

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