10 Best Hair Mascara To Cover Gray In 2024 – Reviews And Guide

Best Hair Mascara To Cover Gray

Gray hair can be a nuisance, especially if you get it very young. Though most people get gray hair as they age, you may be desperate to hide it to keep a youthful appearance. If you have gray strands of hair that you feel you should hide, you have the option to dye your hair, however, dying your hair frequently can damage your hair. This is where hair mascara comes in handy. The best hair mascara to cover gray will hide all the gray patches on your head, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Here is a list of the best hair mascara to cover gray that you should try.

Editor’s Choices

ProductsRatingCheck Price
Best For Normal Hair: Boyd's Brush It Away Grey Hair Mascara8Price on Amazon
Best For Short Hair: Cover Your Gray Brush-in Wand8.6Price on Amazon
Best Natural Cosmetics: Mineral Fusion Gray Root Concealer8.2Price on Amazon
Best For Aging Hair: Greyfree Medium-Brown Temporary hair color8.6Price on Amazon
Best For Long Hair: Kiss Quick Cover Gray Hair Touch Up8.4Price on Amazon
Best Water Resistant: PROTÉGÉ Premium Root Touch Up Concealer8.4Price on Amazon
Best For Frizzy Hair: Irene Gari Brush-In Waterproof Hair Color7.8Price on Amazon
Best Simple To Use: gowwim Root Touch Up Hair Coloring8Price on Amazon
Best Highest Quality: Rashell Masc-A-Gray Hair Mascara9.2Price on Amazon
Best Quick And Precise: Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara, Light Brown8.4Price on Amazon

10 Best Hair Mascara To Cover Gray In 2024

1. Boyd’s Brush It Away Grey Hair Mascara (Best For Normal Hair)

Boyd's Brush It Away Grey Hair Mascara

If you are looking for a mascara that will give you complete coverage of gray from the roots to tips, go for Boyd’s Brush It Away Grey Hair Mascara. It will cover all strands of gray until your next wash. The mascara comes with a brush that is ideal for all hair types. Whether your hair is thick, curly, light, or medium, you only have to b lush it away, and all the grays will be concealed. The mascara has a slim double-fiber wand applicator that allows a clump-free, natural root-to-tip finish.


  • Complete gray coverage
  • Salon-quality hair
  • Clump-free, natural, root-to-tip finish
  • Useful for last-minute emergencies
  • Best for normal hair


  • None

2. Cover Your Gray Brush-in Wand (Best For Short Hair)

Cover Your Gray Brush-In Wand

Available in 8 color shades, this hair mascara is ideal to suit all hair types. Its practical brush pin wand helps you to cover your grays instantly as you can easily target specific areas in your head. The mascara is compatible with all hair colors and is ideal for long hair where longer strokes are required. This mascara lasts all day and easily washes out with shampoo. No water is needed when using this mascara. Just open the applicator and apply it to your targeted gray strands. The mascara will not mat or clump.


  • Cover your gray hair instantly
  • 8 color shades
  • Perfect cover-up solution
  • Compatible with all hair color
  • Best for long hair
  • Long-lasting


  • A bit sticky

3. Mineral Fusion Gray Root Concealer (Best Natural Cosmetics)

Mineral Fusion Gray Root Concealer

This is one of the best hair mascaras to cover gray on the go. It is formulated with natural mineral pigments that temporarily cover up gray without fuss to give you the youthful look you desire. The mineral fusion gray root concealer is made with deeply hydration argan oil, and its lightweight formula nourishes as it conceals. The concealer dries out quickly within minutes to create a flawless finish. Its formula is made with natural ingredients and free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, gluten, and artificial colors, making it ideal for people with a sensitive scalps.


  • Lightweight formula
  • Improve your complexion
  • Natural ingredients
  • Gluten, Paraben & Sulfate Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Easy to use


  • Not waterproof

4. Greyfree Medium-Brown Temporary hair color (Best For Aging Hair)

Greyfree Medium-Brown Temporary hair color

If you are looking for a temporary solution to cover all your gray strands, you should go for this Greyfree medium-brown hair mascara. The kit is a temporary hair color that covers and conceals gray instantly. It comes with a mascara-style wand that allows easy and precise application with no mess. The formula offers 100% coverage and looks and feels so natural when dry. It is made to suit all hair types and has no build-up or need to color collected by a salon professional. The formula is water resistant and can be used to cover gray on beards, mustaches, eyebrows, hairlines, and blending wigs.


  • Temporary hair color
  • Touch up & cover grey roots
  • No mess, easy and precise application
  • 100% coverage
  • Looks and feels natural


  • Thick consistency

5. Kiss Quick Cover Gray Hair Touch Up (Best For Long Hair)

Kiss Quick Cover Gray Hair Touch Up

See instant magic results of full coverage of all your grays by using this hair mascara and temporary hair color root touch-up. The formula is ideal for all hair types, mustaches, and beards. It comes with an extra large brush which makes it ideal for long hair, wide area hair coverage, and detailed gray hair touch-ups on hairlines and roots. The formula is water-resistant and washes out easily with shampoo. This temporary hair mascara to cover gray is available in 6 shades, making it ideal to suit all hair colors.


  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Temporary hair color
  • Detail gray hair touch up
  • Water resistant
  • Easy removal


  • The price is a little high from others

6. PROTÉGÉ Premium Root Touch Up Concealer (Best Water Resistant)

PROTÉGÉ Premium Root Touch Up Concealer

If you don’t have time to visit your salon regularly, having this PROTÉGÉ Premium Root Touch-Up Concealer in your home can be a savior. It instantly covers up dreaded roots, regrowth, and all gray with ease and no mess. It is a lightweight mineral-enriched powder that you use a brush and applies it on your roots, dust off any excess, and you are good to go. The powder is enriched with shimmering particles that seamlessly match a wide range of colors from blonde to black and gives your hair a more natural look and shine. It has a dual-tip precision brush engineered to apply powder to hair. It enables accurate application and does not leave extra powder behind. You enjoy instant coverage with no sticky or oily residue. The powder is water-resistant, and it will retain its color once you get your hair wet.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Neat and clean
  • Naturally beautiful
  • Super practical
  • Instant color


  • Darker shades than usual can be misleading

7. Irene Gari Brush-In Waterproof Hair Color (Best For Frizzy Hair)

Irene Gari Brush-In Waterproof Hair Color

This is one of the best hair mascaras to cover gray. It is a waterproof dark brown hair color touch-up, perfect for hiding stray gray hairs on your scalp. Its mascara wand applicator makes it easy to cover gray exactly where you want. It is a waterproof and sweatproof formula that lasts through three shampoos. The mascara is compatible with all hair colors and can also be used on your eyebrows. No water is needed with this mascara. You only need to open and apply it; it will not clump or mat. It is available in 4 color shades to help you achieve your hair goals.


  • Waterproof
  • Perfect for hiding stray grays
  • Lasts up to 3 washes
  • Can be used on eyebrows
  • Compatible with all hair color


  • Unpleasant scent

8. gowwim Root Touch Up Hair Coloring (Best Simple To Use)

Gowwim Root Touch Up Hair Coloring

this is a semi-permanent root hair coloring mascara, a hair dye pen for roots,  with a hair color touch-up stick to cover gray hair roots. Jif you are looking for an easy way to solve gray hair coverage trouble, this is it. The formula is made with safe and gentle natural ingredients like cuttlefish juice and green tea that is safe for a sensitive scalp. Green tea, for example, is a great antioxidant rich in various vitamins that soften your hair. It comes in three color choices: coffee, brown, and black, making it suitable for all hair types.


  • Natural Ingredients
  • Simple to use
  • Best for all hair types
  • Easy to carry around
  • Give you the perfect hairstyle


  • A bit sticky

9. RashellMasc-A-Gray Hair Mascara (Best Highest Quality)

RashellMasc-A-Gray Hair Mascara

This is one of the highest-quality hair mascaras to cover gray. It magically covers the gray roots in between touch-ups and applies easily without running. You brush it on your desired area and then comb it for instant results. It dries up quickly, and the color remains intact until you wash your hair with shampoo. It is a lightweight formula that applies mess-free and will not make your hair sticky. It is available in various shades like auburn, black, golden blonde, and copper, which can be mixed to achieve a color that matches your hair color.


  • Highest quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Blends easily
  • Salon quality


  • Not suitable for all hair types

10. Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara, Light Brown (Best Quick And Precise)

Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara, Light Brown

This is one of the best fast-drying mascaras to cover gray for quick on-the-go application. Its precise applicator allows you to target all the grays you want on the strands and on the roots. It allows you to keep your hair color longer between salon visits and reduces your trips to the salon, which saves you money. It is a one-wash temporary gray cover-up providing optimal gray coverage for natural-looking hair color. You can use this product daily and apply as much to achieve a natural-looking color effect.


  • Quick and precise application
  • Temporary color
  • Fast drying
  • Naturally looking color
  • Affordable


  • Messy


Having gray hair strands on your scalp can bother you and make you appear older. Though you do not need to be aging to have gray hair, it can even show up at a younger age. You may be tempted to cover the grays to maintain a youthful look. The good thing is that there is a temporal solution that can help you retain your hair color always. You achieve this by concealing and covering all the grays. We are talking about the best mascara to cover gray, the solution to all your gray hair strands. This list has some of the best hair mascaras to cover gray that you should try.

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