10 Best Hair Straightening Tips When Using Flat Iron, According to Experts

Hair Straightening Tips When Using Flat Iron
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Flat irons are one of the oldest hair styling tools that have been around for centuries. While in the past, the flat iron was placed in an uncontrollable open flame to heat up, there is now a controlled heating system powered by electricity. If you are not using your flat iron the right way you will not be getting the best results. Many believe that hair straighteners are best handled in the hands of professional stylists, but if you have all the tips covered, you can also straighten your hair like a pro.

Top 10 Straightening Tips When Using Flat Iron

Purchase the right flat iron

Your success with flat ironing your hair starts with the tool you buy. There are different sizes of flat irons, and the sizes do not just count for the natural looks of the device alone. The size works with your hair type. The rule of thumb is that people with thick hair should go for bigger flat irons while persons with lighter hair can purchase smaller sizes.

Another consideration to make is buying the best hair straightener that has a heat setting control. That would enable you to control the heat you expose your hair to and prevent heat damage.

Start with clean hair

It would be best if you never used flat iron in dirty hair. There is no jumping this step as all the oil or grease from products you have used could make your hair burn. Even though, there is no specific shampoo marked for straightening hair, using a shampoo with smoothening properties will give you perfectly smooth and straight hair using a flat iron.

Dry your hair totally

The assumption that slightly wet hair would straighten faster is entirely wrong, and it could cause your hair to burn. You should dry your hair with a microfiber towel using a patting motion instead of rubbing your hair roughly. If you choose to blow dry your hair, do not use the hairdryer for too long and just run it over your head for a few minutes and leave it to air dry thoroughly.

Straightening Tips Using Flat Iron

If at any time, you notice your hair burning, you should remove the flat iron from your hair immediately. A tell-tale sign of your hair burning is seeing some steam or smoke coming out from your hair.

Split your hair into sections

There is no other way to use a flat iron on your hair without sectioning it. It has to be in small chunks, or your hair will not straighten out completely. It is also essential to keep the size of sections the same because if you flat iron some parts of your hair using different section sizes, your hair will not be fully straightened.

Get on some heat protectant

As much as the heat from the flight iron is regulated and does not go above a certain point, you can never tell if the temperature would be too much for your hair, especially for fine hair. That is why it is essential to use a heat protectant on your hair. The best tip here is never to plug your flat iron until you are ready to start straightening your hair. So, it does not get too hot.

Be firm and gentle with the flat iron

This statement might seem like a contradiction but it just simply means that while you should maintain a firm grip on the flat iron, you should not apply too much pressure on your hair. It is the heat that works to straighten your hair not the pressing down hard.

Start from the back, work towards the front

That is one of the most useful tips you will need when straightening your hair. You should start from the back of your head and work towards the front of your hair. If you want more volume for the front hair, you should hold the hair up as you flat iron it, instead of the normal downward motion.

You can also curl your hair tips with the flat iron if that’s the style you are aiming for. You will have to roll your hair in between the flat iron to achieve this.

Don’t go over one section several times

If your flat iron is at the right temperature, you should not have to pass it over a section more than once or at most twice. If you have to run it over your hair repeatedly, you are likely using chunks of hair that are too big, or your flat iron might be faulty.

When you use the flat iron frequently on a section of hair, you are more likely to get heat damage, or your hair might look dry at the end.

Apply a finishing product

If you are planning to carry your straightened hair for more than a day, it is advisable to use a holding product. However, you should shun holding sprays that contain heavy oils and silicones as that would weigh the hair down and return it to its frizzy state.


Clean up your flat iron

Your flat iron does not clean itself. Even though it might not look dirty after each use, you should wipe it clean with a clean, dry cloth. Dust and accumulated oil from your hair can reduce the effectiveness of the flat iron.

You should also wait for it to cool down before storing it away. This practice would make your flat iron last longer, and you will not need to buy a new one every few months.


There is no magic to handling flat irons like a pro. That is evident in all these tips above. That means that you can use your flat iron at home by yourself and not need a stylist to do it for you. Just stand before your bathroom mirror and get the job done. Using a mirror is essential to avoid inflicting burns on your skin. If you set your mind to using your flat iron properly, you can achieve the most excellent outcome.


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