How much Hair Loss is Normal in the shower?

How much Hair Loss is Normal in the shower

It can be unsettling to notice a clump of hair hanging on your shower drain. After all, no one wants their hair to fall out while showering (or anywhere else). But, while this is a typical occurrence, you may have nothing to worry about.

The truth is that a certain quantity of hair loss while showering is quite natural. Later, we will discuss how much hair loss is normal in the shower. But, if you’re losing a lot of hair and finding clumps of mane anytime you shower, it’s time to pay careful attention to your hair and talk to your doctor.

The question now is, “how much hair loss is normal in the shower?

We are here for you if you do not know how much hair loss is normal in the shower. Keep reading to learn more about it and how you can prevent too much hair loss.

How much Hair Loss is Normal in the Shower?

The average person loses 50 to 100 hairs per day, based on the length and volume of their hair, as per the Cleveland Clinic. This means that those with long and thick hair can shed as many as 150 to 200 strands.

If you wash your hair more frequently than once every week, the amount can rapidly add up. Although hair shedding is typically common during the shower, you can still lose hair if you comb your mane after a bath.

How much Hair Loss is Normal in the Shower for Male?

How much Hair Loss is Normal in the Shower for Male

Men’s balding is deceptively seamless, and when you are in the shower and find hair in the shower drain more frequently, you tend to panic. But, you should not fret-a lot of people lose hair while showering daily, and others aren’t even balding.

The cyclic activity of hair development and regeneration causes people to shed 50–100 hairs per day. But, it’s critical to distinguish between cyclic and permanent hair loss issues. 

How much Hair Loss is Normal in the Shower for Females?

How much Hair Loss is Normal in the Shower for Females

Females tend to lose more hair in the shower than males. This is because of all the post- and pre-shower care of the hair. But, on average, everyone loses up to 50-100 strands of hair per day.

This number depends on the thickness and length of the hair. That being said, females might lose about 85 strands in a day. So next time you are showering or brushing your hair, do not panic. 

When Should you Worry About Hair Loss in the Shower?

Hair loss affects everyone at some point in their lives. Even though we said it is normal to lose hair in the shower. Yet, there are some instances of excessive hair loss. If shedding persists after washing your hair, you could be dealing with a more serious issue.

It is also a sign that there is an infection if you see hair all over your clothes. Thus, if you notice any of these, you should visit your doctor immediately.

Reasons for Hair Loss in the Shower

Reasons for Hair Loss in the Shower

It is a given that it is normal to lose hair in the shower. Yet, the quantity of hair loss in the shower should not be excessive even though other factors like stress, age, and so on contribute to hair loss. Here are some reasons you could lose your lock strands in the shower.

  • Washing Hair With Hot Water: Washing your hair with hot water may increase the amount of hair loss over time. This is because hot water damages all the necessary proteins in the hair causes moisture loss, and gets rid of the scalp’s natural oils. Hence, leaving the hair dry and prone to breakage, thereby causing hair loss. 
  • Another reason for hair loss in the shower is using hot styling tools on the mane right after the shower. This will expose the hair to excess heat, thereby causing dryness. And dry hair is more prone to breakage and, consequently, hair loss.

Tips on How to Reduce Hair Loss in the Shower

Tips on How to Reduce Hair Loss in the Shower

Now that you know how much hair loss is normal in the shower and why hair loss is in the shower. We can now talk about tips on reducing hair loss in the shower.

1. Detangle with a wide-tooth comb.

Using improper detangling tools is one of the most common causes of hair loss in the shower. Thus, you should detangle your locks with a wide-tooth comb, beginning at the ends and working down to the roots. Using a hair detangler is also beneficial. Breakage and hair loss can occur when using a bristle brush or a fine-toothed comb.

Avoid washing the tip of your hair and only the scalp while washing it. After washing off the shampoo, the ends will clean themselves. Hence, your hair will be less knotted, and you will need to brush it less often to detangle it.

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2. Reduce the use of Hot Tools. 

Hair proteins are weakened by heat. Hence, you should sparingly use hairdryers, straighteners, and other hot tools. Hair can become brittle and weak as a result of constant heating and drying. And this can contribute to hair loss. So, refrain from hairstyles that require hot tools and opt for alternative styles. But, if you want to use hot tools, make sure you start with a heat protectant.

3. Protect your hair from the sun. 

While it is essential to protect your skin from the sun, do not forget about your hair. Your mane could get damaged due to sun exposure, the same way using too much heat can harm your strands. So, make sure you cover your hair with a cap or scarf when you are in the sun.

4. Avoid hairstyles that put tension on your hair. 

Another tip to reduce hair loss in the bath is to avoid styles that put tension on your hair. This is because it could pull out your hair leading to hair loss.

On the other hand, avoid rubber hair elastics even though they could be a necessary part of your hair-styling regimen. Elastics can cling to your hair, resulting in hair loss over time. So, go for hair ties that are delicate on your strands, such as silk or cotton, to change things up.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how much hair loss is normal in the shower. You do not need to be alarmed if you always lose hair in the bath. But, if you notice more and more hair in the shower drain anytime you shower, you may be experiencing abnormal hair loss. Therefore, you should see a doctor.

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